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Friday, February 16, 2007


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or something like that. We laugh (mostly because we're too embarrassed to do anything else), but I worry that he scares a lot of waitresses.

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1. Anyone can because he a full head of hair and self-confidence. But confident baldheaded, like weeds pile of diamonds.
2. If you tell the truth about how you're feeling, it is interesting.
3. I'm surprized Hitler didn't rascal round up the toupee.
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Lick fingers to open the plastic bag at a store.
Cut in the line and dash into the train to get a seat.
Talk and laugh loudly.
Talk in the middle of the sidewalk or in front of a shelf in the store.
Ask a clerk for help without checking for yourself at a store.
Wear expensive but old fashioned clothes.
Wear a T-shirt -- long and with an animal print centered in front is the worst.
When she laughs, she taps with the person next to her.
Tend to queue tightly when we make the line for the ATM machine.

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A true friend is happy and pained can share.

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Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

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I checked out this site and kind of love it I would love for more photos of the boroughs and northern Manhattan Anyone got em?

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Hi there
yes 空気を読む is natural way to say. I don't want to be 空気の読めない奴.


ah thanks, I was wondering if it was 雰囲気を読む but that is good!




Less "reading the air" and more like "perceiving understanding the atmosphere/mood around you and acting accordingly"


How do you say read the air in Japanese? 教えてね


In general, I think that people tend to become more outgoing as they get older. Of course, Americans tend to start as very outgoing (some would say arrogant) at an early age, so this effect of aging may be even more apparent in older Americans.

For example, my father has always been an outgoing person. One of his earliest jobs was as the manager of a grocery store, and so he always had to be very good about dealing with the public. Now that he's in his 60s, though, he will talk to anyone about anything -- or often, about nothing at all. When he and my mother visit me on their vacations, I constantly see my father strike up conversations with complete strangers and talk as though he's known them for years.

Perhaps the most embarrassing thing my father does now is "banter" with waiters and waitresses in restaurants. For example, my father's favorite joke is to wait until the bill for dinner arrives, then say to the waitress, "You remember, you told us this was free, right?" Sometimes he will just announce that he can't pay because he has no money, or ask the waitress to pay for him, or something like that. We laugh (mostly because we're too embarrassed to do anything else), but I worry that he scares a lot of waitresses.

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