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Wednesday, February 07, 2007



"because actually we have such a law and JASRAC didn't do wrong."

...LAWS aren't always "right" though.


Hi there
I am afraid all movie what I want to save will be gone soon. So I tried to save file before it.


Poor man! :( .. and what should he do? buy the songs rights? o_O

(it seems the Desafinado link doesn`t work..?)


In Finland we have Teosto "protecting" copyrighted music. A few years ago they said taxi companies should pay royalties for drivers playing music or even the radio in the background to their customers! Amazingly enough, the court backed this claim and now taxi companies have to pay a small fee per car per year (or alternatively don't play music at all).


JASRAC, MPAA, RIAA, etc .. all the same. There is a total "communist like" organisation in Denmark called Copydan/Coda.. (I wouldnt be surprised if the boards of those organisations were lead and controlled by old geezers with angst of the evolution of technology) they have enforced a duty on ALL devices that can store, or play anything which can offend copyrighted material.. mem sticks, mobile phones, tv, cd/dvd's, harddrive, monitors, radios.. what's next? Paper? I'm so with you! I'm sure other people will soon follow/are already in your footsteps. Even when musicians (or the artist) who has the intelectual ownership argue against and protest against so harsh laws (and enforcements) the organisation and courts STILL continue on.. I really wonder who's pockets those fees end up in?

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