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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Florida Medical Centers

Sometimes it's difficult for goverment to change the law, specially because every decission costs money companies don't want to lose.

This is an important issue and all actions will be a huge step to get a sustainable economy and society


Hi there
yes, that will be true, manual need to be big. But usually we can play without manual. Or it can be install inside the game.


Hi Mari,

You will have to start knitting your own sox ;-)
No packaging needed then.


Good point, Mari. The excess packaging is out of control. Take Oreo cookies, for example: each cookie is individually wrapped in a plastic foil pouch, then the cookies are placed in a molded plastic tray, then the tray is placed in a plastic bag, which is then put in a glossy virgin paper box. When you go to a store, the default practice is to then put that box of cookies into a plastic bag.

What exactly are those cookies being protected from?

Drinks seem to be the only thing that is not double-packaged. It's insane.


I think an issue with games for handhelds is the instruction manual. You have to be able to read them. Especially for an old man like me!

It would be nice if Nintendo's packages didn't include all the repetetive information, however. That is wasteful, because it comes with the unit.

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