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Wednesday, March 28, 2007



Hiya People Im New, Iv been looking around this message board for about a few weeks as a guest. I found it very and it has helped out allot. I hope to stick around for a while and give something back.



If you want to get a Nintendo DS now, your best bet is to order at Hong Kong. I know some friends of mine who got theirs, but i'll have to ask and PM (personal Mail) you once i get them to talk =)


それで混乱していますね。二日酔いv.s.dsliteだ。戦闘!fight! Which will win!? 私も飲むのが好きで、そんな早い時間に快眠中だ! さ、どうするね。


Hi there
Thank you for commnets.
ガブリエル 何?まじで? 朝の9時に伊勢丹ね。うーん、休みの日はその時間は布団の中だ。金曜飲むから二日酔いの可能性もある。でも欲しい。どうしよう。 貴重な情報ありがとう!


This is a very timely post as I just bought a DS lite a couple of weeks ago. They're pretty hard to find over here in the US, although I live in a small enough town that my local store has at least 6 sitting there, all lonely like.

The game scene in the US is pretty poor and there isn't a huge selection of interesting games for the DS here. The good news is that it's region free, so I could use Japanese ROMs in my American DS. I'm currently working my way through Final Fantasy III and loving it.


Hey Mari,
As always, interesting blog. いつも面白いブログエントリーを書くね。DSの事について、うわさによると、土日曜日の早朝、新宿イセタンの6階でDSliteの在庫のある。9時過ぎドアが開いて、ダッシュして、エレベータに乗って、手に入れるはずだ。早く行けば、買える可能性が高いと思う。イセタンは上級なデパートなので、絶対に在庫が必要だ。もしそれで効果がなければ、社内の媒体部の同僚がDSliteを拾うことが出来ます。もちろん小売価格。では、頑張ってね。


I too am worried about my parents getting senile dementia. In particular, I worry about my mother, whose memory has become uncertain at times.

A few years ago I took my mother to a museum, but of course she was mostly interested in the museum's gift shop. I followed her through this gift shop as she looked at various items for sale. At one point she picked up a small wooden sculpture and said she was amazed that it cost $50. Five minutes later, in a different part of the shop, she picked up an identical sculpture, looked at the price, and then asked me, "How much do you think this cost?" I thought she was joking, and so I pretended I was making a real guess and answered, "$50?" But then she seemed amazed that I knew this, and wondered how I could possibly have gotten it right. My poor mother had completely forgotten that she'd already looked at this item.


Hey, the DS is popular all over. :) I cant get it for a low price either. I think second hand is best, and it comes with loads of games too.

lost in ube

The DS is popular all over: over thirty million have been sold world-wide. I can't really explain why it's so popular but it does have a strong line of games and especially in Japan games cater to different markets: aside from your basic shooting, rpgs, and sports games you have games for language learning, cooking, manners and so on. It has really tapped into the recent learning boom making it popular with kids and adults.
Have you tried looking for a used one? I got mine from a used store (GEO in my case).

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