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Friday, March 09, 2007



Hi there

Yes have a nice weekend snowfox. Thank you Roaf, I did not know that. I will pick it for tomorrow's post.


I have *got* to get this stuff - is it available in the U.S.???


Chin-chiro, chin-chiro, chin-chiro-rin.
コオロギ (Cricket's sound)

In Asia, signify Good Luck, but also a very quiet time (Usually Evening, never did understand why not dawn)

Sorry, Weekend, and US is heading to a DST (Day light Saving Time) melt down (IT people overwork, Biz people will make excuses to be late for something)

Most not time to post reply/comment.

Have a Nice Weekend.


Hi Mari! I love Solid Alliance. I wrote about the sake USB thing, too. By the way, "Japanzine" magazine recommended your blog this month.

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