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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Alice Kiyokawa

I think you might be interested in a book that I have recently published on a series of murders in Tokyo. If you have time and interest, take a look at my web page (Japanese and English).



She is dead, sorry, what can we do now ?
The "most safety country" in the world seems to be a little insecure.
Realy I had never feel me scared In Japan, in any place at any time, but maybe it will be better to take care from now on if I don't wish that my name will be "news title".


I'm surprised sometimes how careless foreign women are in Tokyo. Dressing sloppily, talking loudly, going drinking like this is the party town they always dreamt of.

Having said that, this news is deeply disturbing, and I hope they catch that bastard quickly. Why isn't Ishihara saying anything? That racist mayor is no good, and I hope people vote for someone else. Who is governor in Chiba?

Garrett Albright

The foreign community is very upset about this. Some people are angry that the police didn't catch the man, and some women are afraid for their lives. You can read what some people are saying here, though there's some bad language:


This is all over the news in the UK too. It will probably have a bad effect on Nova's ability to recruit teachers from the UK. But then again, Nova has lots of other problems right now!

I hope they catch this creep soon. What kind of strange person has a bathtub full of sand anyway?


Wasnt he a teacher? Read about it on the newspaper yeasterday.

Say something, make an revolt ^^

Wathever you do, dont say there is nothing you cant do!

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