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Thursday, March 01, 2007


James Hart

Did you see Japundit today?
That's your post (via Lost in Japan)
You are so popular!


Interesting that you suggest an "erotic" reaction can be produced consciously but "cute" must be part of character. I can imagine how others might see the opposite as true.

From my very limited viewpoint on Japanese culture, for example, I see many things that seem "cute." I am under the impression that cuteness is a much-sought characteristic in Japan, and a great deal of effort goes into producing it. That might imply that cuteness can be consciously produced.

On the other hand, please forgive me, I don't often see many things from Japan that seem genuinely erotic. True, Japanese media exudes sexuality, but I'm not sure that sexual is necessarily the same as erotic. (And please note, I interpret U.S. media much the same way, blatantly sexual but rarely erotic.)

Perhaps both characteristics can be either manufactured or natural. Perhaps also, interpretation of these characteristics might depend both on culture and individual tastes. Perhaps the difference comes from female versus male viewpoints.

Or perhaps I'm just too old to understand :-)


Definately Fujiko! I love her! :)


Shock... AGasp, ATaken Back.

- The Title line: My erokawaii,
- Link to Japanese illustration site 48s ways....

Mari...."Obasan" (Ref. February 16, 2007 Mari article "You do it? so you are Old.") or is she a "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".

Mari San is getting interesting...

"Too bad" I am 7 hr flying time away (need to added 90 min by way of Narita Express from Airport to City Center)

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