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Sunday, March 18, 2007



Besides the all-purpose feature, Octopus can also auto-recharge in any place. It also set a limit that only recharge once (HKD250, about 3750yen), so that one will not too much money if the card is lost.

Actually the technology of Octopus is also comes from Japan, but what's special in HK is that we have only one company working on e-pay system, thus the Octopus can be used anywhere.


over 500,000 people bought PASMO already they said. すごいなあ。


PASMO is similar to OCTOPUS Card in Hong Kong. I am not only using my Octopus card to pay my bus/train/subway fares, but also use the credit of Octopus card to pay purchases at supermarket and convenient stores like 7-11.


I wish that JR had just joined Passnet. That would have been perfect. With the new IC cards they just want to get your deposit money to make interest on, and get you to spend more money, with auto charging, and later with making them work with vending machines, in kiosks, etc.

It's easy to put the Passnet cards in the slot, and you can do it backwards-forwards-right side up-upside down. The IC cards eventually get "funny" and you need to slap them a few times on the kaisatsu thing before they "take." Passnet cards run out of money and you just get a fresh one. Since you can put two in a slot at a time, you always have enough credit, and you know when you need to buy another.

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