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Monday, March 05, 2007



"Major" Mari, Question "Can you fold a zuru with your left hand?"

For some Ghost in the Shell, is a SciFi Story of a futuristic Police Force. 2nd Gig show a sad Love Story.

Just found the song "I Do" From the 2nd Gig OST Composition by Yoko Kanno, and Vocal by Ilaria Graziano.

Encouraging song.


Hi There
snowfox, I love that Tachikoma sining part. "Tenohira wo Taiyo ni" is a sort of song for kids. We sing it at music class in elementary school. So there is no Japanese who don't know the song. I realized that song was such great when I saw the scene. It's deep. We can feel the energy of life!!


"Major" Mari, Good taste in Cars. Japanese Cars are Nice, but German Cars are in a class of their own.

Please refer to this BMW commercial:

Ghost In the Shell (GitS), I started with Ghost in the Shell(Movie), then the series, 1st/2nd Gig, Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence (Movie), Solid State Society (Movie).

The concepts and ideas behind GitS is fairly thought provoking. Martix may only the tip of the stuff that come from it.

This is my favorite thing in GitS:
Did I use the word thing, am referring the the Tachikoma of course. Looking for a 2nd Gig ep 26 手のひらを太陽に original song, any clues?

Where I am from, GitS has little following, thus it was awhile before I found a Tachikoma Model (from Wave, a transparent Motok was supplied along, but she is kept in the box, well Tachikoma is on my workspace)

Ps, Major Motoko Kusanagi, character in the Anime, differs with the Manga's. Interesting Person.

Warning this picture may mislead some people:


Try http://homepage3.nifty.com/mitsumatsu/guitar/005FC/005FC_1.htm for the guitar link. There were some extraneous quote marks at the end of the URL.

Garrett Albright

I noticed, when I lived in Japan, that many of the car commercials looked like they were made in Europe or something; neither the people nor the places looked Japanese. I guess that one was made in Australia? Did it air in Australia too, or just Japan?

The "Family Computer guitar" link seems to be broken.

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