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Wednesday, March 21, 2007



Hi I am plan to go to Perfume this weekend.


Hope you've had a restful holiday and that you leg may be feeling better.

Martin F

Those images from 1860s are great... I read the novel "Silk" by Alessandro Baricco about Japan around that time, and how intrigued the French were to find such cultural sophistication...

In the 1860s, Herve Joncour makes difficult journeys from France to Japan to obtain eggs for breeding silkworms. Japan is closed to the world, but he manages to negotiate with a local baron to obtain the eggs. While there, he notices a young woman who does not have oriental eyes. Though they never address each other, they conduct a secret affair.


That's an interesting comparison of Japan and France.

I like those wood-cut images. I've heard that nobody smiles in early photographs because of the length of time necessary to make them, perhaps the same is true of wood-cut images.


Perfume... With the 'Safety' of the Internet. the Most Sensuous Moment of a Lady, is when she glide pass, and leave a magnetic fragrance image behind her.

ps if you want a quiet Keyboard, look around, there are a few cheap, strange branded Made in China ones, that get the job done.

Worst to Worst, Pop by Singapore for holiday, and such a keyboard can be had for less than a lunch ticket in Japan.

If possible, try an Apple Keyboard, Nice Smooth, it's a piece of Art.

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