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Monday, March 26, 2007



Hi Garret
thank you very much for your interesting comments. I know Ishihara is not popular for foreigners and it can be so because of his comments.

Garrett Albright

Heh… Reading about this election reminds me of the election for the governor of California in 2003. There were dozens of candidates, including Marey Cook, a porn star; Larry Flynt, a porn magazine publisher; and Gary Coleman, a former child TV star who has a disease which makes him very short. And, of course, in the end, the movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger won. I did not vote for Schwarzenegger, though I did vote for someone else from his party (Tom McClintock). I'm not very happy with the way Schwarzenegger is running things…

Ishihara is not very popular among the foreigner community in Japan for some of the things he has said about foreigners. (Unfortunately, most foreigners in Japan cannot vote, of course.) I've read he's also said some discouraging things about women as well. Besides, he is an old man, and has been governor for a long time. Perhaps it is time for someone new.

Please keep us up to date on news in the election.

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