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Monday, March 12, 2007



Thanks Jonathan I sent anothre Japanese site wrote about Made in Tokyo

Martin F


Kimono is a band from Iceland! Not the UK.

They say they are working on the website at the moment because the old site was looking pretty ratty. The design has been getting worse and worse for months and the information is so old in some cases. If anyone knows how to make a nice site in PHP that can post news and all that, we'll pay you to do it. Not much mind you, but something. All interested web programmers please contact Alex.


I enjoy seeing more traditional aspects of other cultures, although I prefer to see them as living traditions (if they still exist as that) rather than as museum pieces. So I enjoy slightly modernized depictions of more traditional settings, such as in the anime Samurai Champloo (or other anime set in the Bakumatsu or Meiji periods). I like futuristic settings as well, but continuing traditions seem to add depth and historical connection for me.

I'm not sure if that's because I'm an American with few remaining cultural ties to my pre-immigrant European families or if it's because I'm an archaeologist. Probably both.

As an interesting note, the last cultural tradition to get dropped in the face of acculturation is typically the foods and methods of cooking.

Jonathan Gottesmann

Hello. Thank you for linking the "Made in Japan" videoclip to your blog. It is not our worse videoclip concerning foreign cultures, customs, traditions and other countries. Israel is a funny and ironically also tragically an impossible melting pot where
people think they take an active role in the world but know nothing about others cultures except for themselves. This whole videoclip contains Israeli known icons (most of them are pretty vintage), with a mixed salad of ideas and icons concerning Japan from an Israeli point of view. By the way, it does not speak about Japan or Japanese Culture, but as "us" in this nische of Alternative music in the Israeli Underground Pop-Scene.
Thanks again,

Jonathan Gottesmann,
at the Hippies Films & Records (HippieColor),
Tel-Aviv, Israel.


I love the Japanese Policeman video! I've never heard of Kimono before. I like the killers video too- I was surprised to see Gachapin.

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