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Friday, April 06, 2007


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Hi there

I don't know "Dice Clay". I am sad he lost today's game. Yes Garrett language is difficult, I can't write my blog wtihout dictionary at any rate. I am not sure I can master English till I die.


Do you know the American comedian "Dice Clay"? I think he's angry about Dice K!
I went to a sex museum in Atami which was crazy. I also like the Ramen museum in Yokohama.

Garrett Albright

Yes, we mispronounce "kerriokey" (karaoke) and "crotty" (karate) and "geesha" (geisha), but I was also confused by the Japanese use of some western words, In English, a "mansion" is a single large house, not an apartment building. So one time I was talking with a Japanese person…

Me: I live in an apartment.
Her: Oh, you live in a manshon?
Me: Huh? No, I live in a very small apartment.
Her: Oh, yes, the apartment is in a manshon.
Me: …What? No…

It was only later when I found out that in Japanese, manshon means "apartment building!" I was very confused.

There's also howaito for "white" (where does the ho part come from?), and my favorite, conbini for "convenience store"… it looks like "combine," which means to put things together, so it still works well, as there's many different things at a convenience store. Languages are strange that way…


Foreign people hear a lot about Kamaboko because of the manga and anime called Naruto. Perhaps this is why they ask you about it.

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