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Thursday, April 05, 2007



Hi there
thank you for comments, my favorite himono is Ajino hiraki, Mirinboshi, Shishamo. Beefjerkey is a kind of Himono, right? but I don't know how to make it. Smoke? Dry?


You must eat himono so you will have the strength to defeat your enemies! wine, cheese, and bread will make you constipated!


When I was a teenager, my friends and I would go hiking and camping in the early spring for a week. We would each bring large amounts of cheese, meat, bread, and twinkies. It was a heavy load, but it's amazing how much you can eat when such a trip. The only alcohol was vodka that we drank on the last night.

As for fish, I didn't like it as a child, excepting tuna, and the shark my uncle would catch. Abalone was a rare treat, as well. I will eat most any fish or sushi now that I am old. Dried, I haven't tried.


I find it pleasantly amusing that as a child you wanted to try the bread, wine, and cheese from a Western story, because when I was a child (many decades ago) I wanted to try the rice, fish, and miso from Japanese stories. (And yes, predictably these were all stories about samurai and ninja.)

I lived in the U.S. state of Indiana at the time, so this was all very mysterious stuff to us.

My mother could understand the fish part, though she had difficulty with the idea that anyone might not want fish breaded and fried.

Rice was a bit more difficult for her, since this wasn't a normal part of our diets. My mother thought of rice as a dessert food, because she had only seen it used in rice pudding. When she tried making rice, she always used "instant rice," and insisted on cooking it with butter and salt (that's how the instant rice box recommended it). Still thinking that it was a dessert food, she also put sugar on it before serving!

Miso soup was a complete mystery to my mother. They didn't have anything like this in the grocery stores, and there were no Asian markets near us at the time. Although a few books in the library mentioned miso, none of them explained it in terms of a recipe. As I said, this was a long time ago, even before ARPA started the first pieces of what would become the Internet.

The Feckless Punster

I know one Himonoya, across the street from Tokyu Honten in Shibuya. Perhaps you are going to a different one since it is a chain store, but anyway I like that place too. You can choose your 'otoshi'. It's like some places where you can choose your sake 'ochoko' when you drink nihonshu. Cool...

Hmmm... slow food boom... slow food my boom is... Mos Burger. Good, but not fast. Spicy Mos Cheese Burger!

I agree regarding bread, cheese and a bag of wine. It seems like that might be Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, or Earthsea Trilogy? It sounded good when I read it when young, but I wonder what the reality is... tasty? Also sounds like the Heidi stories.

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