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Wednesday, May 30, 2007



Everything made in China...I want to know that. Some say small parts in chell phone, they are all made in Japan still now.


that band must be behind the times cos nowadays everything is made in china :P


I sometimes wonder about the lives of men who visit those so-called "Fetish Cafes." How is it that they are not too embarrassed and self conscious to enjoy the experience?

In the U.S., the closest thing we used to have to this was the old "Playboy Club" (the origin of the "bunny girl" waitress), but this was closed long ago, I believe. These days, perhaps something similar is a chain of sports bars called "Hooters." Once three of my coworkers took me to this place for lunch. Our waitress was a young woman less than half my age, dressed in a very tight t-shirt and very short shorts. She made quite a show of leaning over our table and acting interested in us. I found it unbearable. How could a girl like this even pretend that four fat, foul-smelling, middle-aged computer geeks were not repulsive to her? All the previous patrons of that place must have been much better tippers than I am.

I suppose strip bars are also distantly related to the Fetish Cafe phenomenon, but then strip bars are probably the same in Japan and the U.S. These places never made any sense to me at all. Why would men want to become sexually excited in the same room with a bunch of other men?


I'm from England and I enjoy the TV BBC show, Japanorama. (Actually, it's not so different to your site, Mari!) You can watch it on YouTube. I also recommend another BBC show, "Adam and Joe Go Tokyo", which is really funny.

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