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Tuesday, May 15, 2007



That's way the bestest anwesr so far!

air yeezy

People also tend to mix truth and error to teach people, and insist it is wrong.

iphone clone

You gotta give the waiting line at Krispy Kreme a try! I concur with the previous poster


Hi Mari! ひさしぶりですね!I've been busy. Looks like you have been too!

I don't know what all the hype is about KK. I personally hate it compared to DD because I find that their donuts are way too sweet for my liking (until it hurt my teeth) I like DD because of their more sophisticated donuts, in terms of variety. To each his own!

More beer snacks - you forgot to include fried insects! They are delicious!


You gotta give the waiting line at Krispy Kreme a try! I concur with the previous poster, Krispy Kreme glazed donuts are simply wonderful - especially if you get one fresh off the assembly line.

I ate Krispy Kreme quite a lot when I was in Korea earlier this year - there are more stores there, so not quite as much waiting.


I can't wait Krespy Kreme. But after eating doughnut, I have to feel some guilty always. I wish I could have body which hard to gain weight.


Krispy Kreme original glazed are THE BEST donuts, period!

You must have one fresh off the assembly line when the "Hot Doughnuts NOW" neon sign is lit.

Eat it there with some milk or a cuppa coffee.

Dee-lish! yumyumyumyum

Dunkin' Donuts is too doughy and dense and heavy for my tastes. And just wait until you order a coffee there "regular". Make your teeth fall out! =)


Mari, I hope you like Krispy Kreme once you get through the line. If the shop has the neon "HOT donuts now" sign, try to go when it's lit -- it means they just made a fresh batch. This shouldn't be a problem if the shop is so popular though. The Original Glazed donuts are great when they're warm, but the sugary glaze can get everywhere if you're not careful. Make sure you've got plenty of napkins.

Personally, I prefer Dunkin' Donuts (very similar to Mister Donut). Krispy Kreme doughnuts are too sweet and soft for my taste, but since they're sold everywhere around where I live, not just the shops, but also convenience stores and supermarkets, it's just easier to buy them than to drive to Dunkin' Donuts.


IMO, Krispy Kreme is absolutely the BEST donut ever made. Yes, they are very sweet but it goes so well with the softness of the dough. They aren't as heavy as the normal donut and when they are warm, it seems like it just melts in your mouth.

You should be happy about the long lines for Krispy Kreme... it's a great way to stay away from something that could become a bad habit ;)


I really love eating the Kapiki, especially with beer :-)

Fortunately, caused by 60,000 or more Japanese in BKK, and I can find Kapiki in downtown supermarkets. But it about 500 yen per a pack (about 6 small packs inside) :-0

It is very fun some Kawaki Mono are produced from overseas, it is imported to Japan and then exported back to where they came!

About Krispy Kreme, I have heard about it but never have a chance to try it yet.
I heard it is very sweet, compared to Mister Donut or Dunkin Donut. So they are perhaps contained much more calories.

I quite do not understand why Japanese who usually does not like so sweet stuffs line up to buy such a sweet donut like Krispy Kreme.
Or is this just a new trend?

In Thailand,recently, Mos burger just open their new branch, there are always many people line up to buy the burger and their food. It has been crowed during meal times and holidays since they opened here in March. It takes about 20 minutes to wait for buying burger and wait for cooked burger for another 20 minutes, this usually happens on every holidays. About half of customers, from my notice, are Japanese and Gaijin, and the rest are local people.

A couple of year ago, there was a boom of Mexican Coffee Bun; the shop is named Rotiboy http://www.rotiboy.com which originated in Malaysia. So many bakeries and new shops opened and followed the bread trend. They sold almost the same thing everywhere around the city. I have never liked it because it is so unhealthy and not delicious at all.

A few months ago, those shops, including the trend leader Rotiboy, have closed or stopped their sale eventually.

Ya, but those shops already put a huge amount of money in ther pocket!

Hopefully in someday, Krispy Kreme will come here too. I guess they are unsure about entering Thai market because we also change what we love pretty fast sometimes.
And the current rival, like Mister Donut and Dunkin Donut have settled here for a long time with some powerful marketing weapons.

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