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Monday, May 28, 2007



I will be going to Japan for my 1st time and I will def go to Karaoke to have the experience. Wondering... What western songs are usually available?


you misunderstand karaoke in the US. it's not like here in japan. people don't want to get a private room with their friends. it's not fun to the average person.

in the US, karaoke is for bars and pubs. there is usually certain night of the week when they will host karaoke singing. a company comes and sets up the speakers and the mic. everyone gets drunk together (strangers and friends) and sings karaoke. then, the next night, people will look for the next local bar that will host karaoke. it's a lot of fun but i think a typical japanese person would hate it because you have to sing in front of stangers.

anyway, that is american karaoke culture. it's not dying at all.

i like them both to be honest. however, america is 1000 times better when it comes down to karaoke music. listening to all the fake music from the japanese karaoke makes me want to stop going some times. it's soooo awful!


Hmm my favorite amime song? Mazinger Z..kana...



I got my copy of Effective STL autographed by Scott Meyers, so I suppose you aren't safe from C++ fanbois :-)


I like the theme song to the 電車男 "Train man" drama. I heard that song was used in an anime. I dont follow anime, so I have no idea. The song is called "twilight".

As for Karaoke, I like singing Japanese songs (anything!) just to practice speed reading, kanji etc. At Karaoke Kan カラオケ館。 I do like 湘南乃風! 
"When I close my eyes, I see a billion stars, the brightest on of all is you..."
Cool lyrics, and saying that in Japanese sounds so awesome! 


I certainly understand the feeling of self consciousness when reading books in public. That's why I only bring technical material with me. If the average American sees you reading a popular novel he may even say something about it to you. But if someone sees you reading a book on the C++ Standard Template Library, he will leave you alone.

And I feel the same way about anime theme songs. I don't know any popular songs, but I've watched a lot of anime and I like quite a few theme songs (often I like the song better than the show). I also memorize some of these songs as a way to remember a little more Japanese.

What are some of your favorite anime theme songs?


In the West it is different. You read a book and show the cover, to show what type of person you are. Also when singing your favourite song at Karaoke. If you sing an unusual song, you stand out as an individual and this is a good feeling.

I think Japanese do not want to stand out so much ("the nail thaat stands out gets hammered down") so you have to behave very "average".


I know Isao Sasaki for singing the songs for my favorites: Captain Harlock and Galaxy Express 999! :)

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