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Friday, May 11, 2007



someone please help me.. i have been looking everywhere for most episodes of liar game.. http://www.mysoju.com/liar-game/ has 10 episodes.. but i don't think it is finished.. is it still showing in Japan?

i found 10 episodes here http://www.mysoju.com/liar-game/.. anyone know where i can find the rest? is the manga finished?


hello. thank you for the introductory and the link to the others' view regarding this drama. greatly APPRECIATED!


I love Asimov. Of course I read them in Japanese though. :-) In Paris, there are some Japanese manga shops, I don't read manga so often, but good one is worthy as same as the good book.


I feel sorry for the restaurants; most likely the fish in question is Japanese "tai." But the fact is it's not at all clear how "tai" should be translated. I've seen it translated in Japanese-English dictionaries as red snapper, snapper, sea bream, porgy, and "Japanese fish similar to..." Maybe a bilingual fish expert knows, but dictionaries don't. Certainly English menus here in Japan don't either.
And even if red snapper, porgy, tilapia, etc are technically different fish, in Japanese they're all kinds of tai (red snapper = akatai, literally "red tai"; izumidai/tilapia I'd never heard of before & seems little-known in Japanese, but I assume it's from izumi+tai ("spring tai").
Restaurants seem to be able to substitute imitation crab meat (pollock) for the real thing at will. This much more understandable, but for one reason or another, this newspaper seems to think it's a nefarious conspiracy.


Again , I always visit your blog..... Just want to greet you :)


Hey Mari, I was estatic to find Japanese commics in my local bookshop (i.e. Borders, Perth, Australia). Hmm...was a happy person that day. :)


Mari-san, you have read novels by Isaac Asimov? Did you read them in English or Japanese?

Dr. Asimov is probably best known for his science fiction stories and novels. Did you read his science fiction also?

When I was a child, Isaac Asimov was one of my favorite authors. American science fiction fans say that he was one of the "Big Three," along with Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke. When I became a teenager, I also enjoyed Mr. Heinlein's work a great deal (this was mostly because of his idiosyncratic prose, so his stories might not translate well).

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