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Thursday, May 17, 2007


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I do Billy's Boot Camp once a week. It helps me keep my body lean and my brain strong; mind and body.


I don’t want to wait till the end of Summer :( , I want it now. Who with me?
save your time http://BustyBoots.info/?p=24> and join me. ;)


You're quite welcome! Aren't they adorable, though? They live in the mountains, in a very harsh climate, and they pose that way in the morning when it's freezing cold---they are trying to warm their little bodies in the sun.


AmanitEater thanks!! Yes you are right!! I check the animal and found those pics.. that picture would be photoshop work.


Hi there --- That's not a rabbit---it's a Vizcacha from South America. They are more close related to Chinchillas. This photograph was probably photoshopped, since they are not domesticated pet animals. FWIW!


My goodness...even rabbits get obese nowadays!


I love the fat rabbit! It reminds me of a tiny Totoro. :-)


Gabriel Thank you for answering. Yes peple call Yomiuri Kyojingun (giants), my Grandma loved the team, they were so strong BEFORE.

Bshock it's true, but no Asian or no Japanese mixed our asian martial arts to such type of execise which we can try at home. I think his idea is great.


The Tokyo Giants are actually the Yomiuri Giants. Yomiuri is the most read newspaper in Japan. From Wikipedia: "the team is officially known by the name of its corporate owner rather than the name of the city it plays in."
Sorry Mari for answering, but I thought I would help. I have time this morning at the office. (^_^)


Who are the Tokyo giants? Are they a baseball team like the famous Hanshin Tigers?


The whole Japanese boom around Billy Blanks confuses me a little. He supposedly derived his exercise routines from Asian martial arts, and now these have been shipped back to Asia? I think that would be a bit like Americans starting baseball clubs that used only Japanese baseball rules.

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