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Sunday, May 13, 2007



Wow Roaf, it's interesting. Thank you.


That's my favorite TV show, except Oh Mikey. I was surprised to see the guy from Megadeth on a Japanese TV show.
Do you know who "Tony Danza" is? He is an actor, and he was in a TV sitcom called "Who's the Boss."
There is another joke about him in English, like Soramimi. In the Elton John song called "Tiny Dancer", he sings "Hold me close, tiny dancer" but it sounds like "hold me closer, Tony Danza."


I don't know much Japanese. But
I know that the Japanese word for 10 is JU. Well this word
sounds like the English word Jew.

I understand that the Japanese love to make puns
Years ago I heard that the
Japanese speakers in Los Angeles came up with a pun which refers to a
a Jewish person. The term was "KU ICHI. " KU + ICHI = JU. And JU sounds like Jew.

I explained this to my friend who is part Russian Jew, Japanese and Paiute Indian. She laughed.

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