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Tuesday, May 08, 2007



Mari. It is possible the Greeks are exaggerating. The Bloomberg article you linked also pointed out that Greeks have one of the lowest birth rates. How does one reconcile such a high level of activity with a low birth rate?

I could not find the article you mentioned "No sex please, we're Japanese."

It is interesting that there is one stereotype of Japanese being "light." But then there is the opposite stereotype. In HIRAGANA TIMES, a Mr. Kobayashi wrote a scathing article entitled "Dear Foreigners. Stop insulting Japanese women." He said that those foreigners who regard Japanese women as "sex toys" shoud be denounced as
"sex animals."


I think it is ok, to transfer your story from blog to the book.

Sometimes I have found that what you wrote on this blog in the eariler years are difficult to access. I cant access some pages. And I still feel better to read information from book rather than from computer screen. Bill Gates also feel the same thing.


Hi there
ありがとう arigato
I did not write special stuff, it's my blog style. That is my first book, but I am thinking to write new something for only book.




I would go to the bookstore in the bangkok downtown to get your book soon.

I really like what you wrote on this blog. I consider myself as a little fan of your blog, and I wont miss your book too.

How many book have you written so far, Mari-san? I hope they all would be translated in Thai or in English.

To me I love the Watashi to Tokyo name than the another one in Thai. This is perhaps because I know its meaning. Moreove, To and Tokyo has a good phonetic consistency. Anyway, a lot of translated books have different name with the original one. Not only translated books in Thailand,but it is happens in many places around the world.

This is perhaps because language structures are different. Even movie titles, in Thailand, usually, they create a totally different name.


oh oh Moomoo you bought my book. お買い上げありがとうございます。Thank you very very much. I am very glad to know you are a one of my reader!


Maybe Japanese people are just more honest when asked such personal question..? Who knows if Greek people really do it that much!

Catherine June

I have just seen the trailer, you are right, its very beautiful. I just wish I could understand what they say. Take care!


oh!i'm bough the book too."Bento Sumo Tokyo" you know i don't mind about the name's book and thai people don't mind the name's book too! (i think). but i'm interesting the book because it show about japanese people think about yourself, think about japan.i & thai people wants to know because we like japan we think it nice country and i thing some thai people want to go to japan.i collect the thai's book it talk about japan, 90 of 100 books talk about how you can go to japan? i think it's too much for me very boring but when i see your book oh! wow! very interesting. thank you! thank you!


Really funny to see that japanese are as you say so "light".
I always find interesting "sex in Japan" because at the same time that it is widely accepted(ero stuff is easily findable, even in anime for children like conan, there is sometime this nose bleed thing..) it is not at all accepted (mosaic in AV for one exemple)..
BTW the dedicated life for the "kaisha" that salarymen live might be the reason. I once read that most japanese couples don't have sex anymore in their 30/40

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