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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


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you have to be attracted to him, whether or not he is handsome of just average.


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i think ikemen are like frosting and sprinkles on a cake ... they sure do pretty up the place, but you don't necessarily want to "have" them. bottom line, one should always, ALWAYS, choose a partner for more than just looks [sigh, we all know that, so we won't get into that now]. however, if a person chooses someone because of "type" that tells you that they themselves lack self-confidence. i find someone who is comfortable in their own skin and have self-respect, very attractive. no matter the looks. to me a person of that caliber will always be a winner and will treat me the same way, too.

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The masculine sensuality is an issue that very few people talk, but not only the woman has, the problem is that almost no importance is given but is necessary in man


My preference might not be smart...but I am attracted to good-looking guys. I think it would be hard for me to date someone who was not "attractive". But maybe I'm not being smart! Good-looking guys are often not good boyfriends.

My sister is different from me though. As long as the guy is nice and normal looking, he's OK. Still, her last boyfriend was not really good-looking.....and he turned out to be a jerk! So some B-class are bad, too. ~_~


Personally, I prefer average or "rougher" guys. Speaking honestly, I don't like ugly guys as I DO have to look at them. For this reason, I LOVE pretty boys. Whenever I see a guy who's pretty (feminine) I scream/screech my head off. lol. but I have never wanted to date them. For me they're kind of like porcelain dolls. I wanna look at them, touch them, maybe play with them, but never kiss them,etc. They're just not my type.


hey guys.. i totally agree with your opinion n view (or whatever the correct word for it is), but seem like you're taking it a bit too grave and re-iterating over a precious entry by mari about sanko.. maybe it's just me, but i read this one reading between the lines as myself being japanese (guy) but seeing jp women getting hooked up european guys"hey, why do that then happen?"... looking forward to mari's feedback on this..


You mention B-guys try to complement this missing feature by attitude. You only get 'attitude' by going out heaps and trying to pick up women, probably by reading books on how to manipulate women. And if the guy is remaining cool and calm then the stakes are low for the man, which either mean they've picked up alot, has someone to go back to, or they visit prostitutes.

Watch out for those charming men!

Better is to get an average guy who is great with men, who treats you nicely - but screwed up time after time when he was trying to court you.



When it comes to men, I prefer goys who aren't too "pretty" or handsome. Guys who are "ikemen" guys think they are handsome, and think that you should be happy to be with them because they are good-looking. Often, their conversation skills were lacking, and their manners, how they treated the women they were with, was much worse than they guys who weren't as good looking. "Busaiku otoko" guys have to work a little harder at getting your attention, and they learn to do so buy making you laugh (hence why so many women like comedians), being interested in what you have to say, and treating you like a princess.

As more Japanese women are able to do things and achieve status for themselves (and not through whether or not their boyfriend is "sanko"), they are less likely to put up with a man who doesn't treat them well, and therefore want a "santei" guy who thinks they are great?


わー nice to hear.. i have a cag/keg (樽) instead of a six pack, it cost me a fortune building it up down at my local pub so happy to hear that some prefers b-otokos .. :p


easy going, humore sense, positive attitude, warm heart, those are priority for me but I like nice-looking guy.


I agree with Chris' comment. Perhaps to be pleasing and not say anything drastic, they answer in an ambigious way in order to save face and not appear to be outside social norms. あいまいな答え.
Adding to Brenda's note, as a guy, I think most Ikemen in Tokyo look like Rod Stewart wannabees. Just look at the Men's egg magazine.
Generally, as women focus more and more on their careers and become less "traditional" in their roles in the household, they will perhaps look for a male with more sensibility and compassion. Most males in Japan look for cute girls who obey them and will cook and clean for them. This is not good.


Hi, Mari!

In Tokyo, I definitely prefer "average" guys. The ikemen guys are too pretty--they look like hosts or teenaged girls! I don't like comedians, but farmboys and fishermen types. (But I also *love* sumo wrestlers!)

In the US, I definitely don't go for ikemen as a partner. I like to look at handsome actors like Johnny Depp, but for a boyfriend, no. I want a guy with intelligence, a sense of humor, who is easy-going. In that order. Looks are not number one on my list--or number ten even!



I have problems because young guys already think I'm too much smarter than them (I'm about to enter grad school...think Sumire, if you've read 君はペット). I guess I'm from the new generation of women in the US who have made people think there is a "boy crisis" (we do a lot better in school than the boys).

So I want a guy who can appreciate that I'm smart and not have it bother him, nor my career. And I want him to be smart and motivated too. Basically I want him to accept me. It'd be nice if he looked ok and could cook, too, but I think the accepting me part is paramount. XD


Of course I can only answer from the perspective of a U.S. male, but for a long time now men have often considered the "girl next door" more genuinely desireable than fashion models. Plain girls seem more accessible, and usually are. But then most men don't consider themselves to be such valuable commodities, and so we're happy with any woman who takes pity on us.


Hard to say Mari! :P

Johnny Depp's fashion at Narita is ugly! Yuck! Even though he is very handsome.

I like men who are handsome, but it's what inside that counts. He has to be nice and a good person, which is more important. But you have to be attracted to him, whether or not he is handsome of just average.

Does that help? I can try and explain more if you'd like. :)


I think sometimes people answer questions to make themselves look cool.

If a girl answers "I prefer B-otoko", then perhaps she wants to show herself to be not just about appearance. But when she goes to the airport to scream at Johnny Depp, then we see what you she really thinks...

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