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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Martin Frid


How about reverential (venerable)? It has nice meaning.

1 : expressing or having a quality of reverence
2 : inspiring reverence


Odaiba is OK if you face directly to the water. Then you know Nature is there, although it is contsrained by its surroundings.

I will visit Minato Mirai in September for Nippon2007 (the World Science Fiction convention) so I will see it myself. I wonder what it will be like...


Thank you for sharing many interesting and refreshing perspective. Truly enjoyed reading your blog (diary).

Some online dictionary translate "委ねる" (yudaneru) as "to entrust to"; "to devote oneself to"...perhaps this meaning is closer?


I went to Odaiba in June of 2006 and while it was interesting, nothing really drew me completely in.

The shops were nice, but so are the shops in many other places. I would give an average rating.


I also don't like Odaiba. The whole place is made by mankind. You almost can sense it. It is so surreal, so uncomfortable, you know what I mean? Well, I like Hodogaya.

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