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Monday, June 04, 2007



I think "tragedy" is the word that works, even though it would be meant in a larger sense of the word. Like a Shakespeare or Greek play with an ending of unfortunate circumstance.

As far as the underpants, I would imagine you looking for these online... very interesting that you would be. :D


切ない Setsunai...My impression is
70% of sad and sorrow, 10% of pain, 10% of disability, 8% of love, sweet, affection and 2% of hoping. どうだろう。Even Japanese can't tell the exactly what it is, each person will have different imporession for the same word "Setsunai".


I use Rikaichan (digital dictionary on PC) and it translates 切ない as "painful, trying, oppressive, suffocating." Maybe there are too many ways to say it in English. As always you can say 場合による "it depends on the situation" hehe.

I didn't know the folklore about catfish in Japan. Thanks for the lesson!


As much as I'm into anime, I've never seen any of the Gundam series. Thanks for mentioning the new one. Maybe it's time for me to catch up on it.

As for the strawberry underwear, I know a few guys who would buy that for themselves. The fact that I know my friends' tastes in underwear is something I don't even want to think about.


切ない.. mmh.. difficult to translate into English words since it describes a wider negatively loaded emotional state.. almost too much to choose from in the English language? Tragic seems too strong and almost generalizing which emotion the viewer should take on, heartbreaking/unbearably sad maybe, or maybe because it's a fable could you describe it as being embraced by melancholy feelings... oh well... maybe it's just one of the many 'simple' words one can express (in Japanese), to share with and will spark recognition of one's feelings by empathy in the recipient.. instead of being a word that tries to explain.. well i'm blabbering.. just my 2c

Martin F

Wow, that Rat movie was great. How can they create such effects with CG. I love the sad ending. Let's call it "setsunai", we can make new English words using terms from other languages. But Monkey Widget has good ideas too. Wow, you found a gem.


"One Rat Short": 切ない could be... "tragic"? A Tragedy? Another word that fits but is probably not setsunai- "bittersweet."

I notice the 切 in "setsunai" is the "cut" just as in cooking instructions or "seppuku." So, "cutting?" That could work too, although it usually has more of a clever or daring connotation than a description of emotional impact.

I bet you can tell where all my Japanese skills come from now! Cooking shows, anime and Zatoichi!

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