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Friday, June 15, 2007



I am the first time being here in this article on top of that for a start i desire to speak hey to everyone

Air Jordan shoes

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.


In retinue of Fanja well-born people consisted. Dressed in white silk, they drove about in chariots or slowly strolled, looking at all haughtily.
Having noticed Kaja with Shang-mountain, old and weak, with suntanned until black the person, in a dress and a cap completely not not found, all of them have concerned him contemptiously and have begun to scoff at it as soon as could: sneered, deceived him, beat, pushed, threw from one to another. But Kaj with Shang-mountain didn't become angry, spongers were tired, and their inventions were settled.
Then together with Borders all of them have ascended to a high tower, and one of them has joked:
- The one who will dare to rush downwards, will receive in an award one hundred gold.
Others in eager rivalry began to agree, and Kaj, having accepted all for truth, has hastened to rush the first. Precisely soaring bird he has fallen on the earth, without having damaged neither bones, nor muscles.
The retinue of http://pr01shp.ru/>Fanja has accepted it for accident and not very much was surprised. And then someone, specifying in a whirlpool in a river bend, has again told:
- There - a precious pearl. Dive - you will find her.
Кай has again obeyed and has dived. Has come up, really, with a pearl.
Here all have become thoughtful, and Fan ordered to feed henceforth Kaja together with others meat and to dress him in silk.
But here in a treasury of Fanja the strong fire has flashed. http://pr01shp.ru/>Фань has told:
- You will manage to enter into fire, to rescue silk - all I will give to you to an award, how many you will pull out!
Кай, without fluctuating, has gone to a treasury, disappeared in a flame and again appeared, but fire didn't burn him, and soot didn't stick to him.
All in the house of Fanja have decided that he owns a secret, and began to ask from him pardons:
- We didn't know that you own miracle, and deceived you. We didn't know that you - sacred, and offended you. Consider us as fools, consider us as deaf persons, consider us blind! But permit to us to ask, in what your secret consists?
- I don't have secret, - Kaj with http://pr01shp.ru/>Shang-mountain has answered. - whence it is my heart doesn't know. And still about one I will try to tell to you.
Recently two from you spent the night in my hut, and I heard, how they eulogized Fanja: he-de can destroy live and recover dead, rich to make the poor man, and poor - the rich man. And I have gone to him, despite a long journey for really at me doesn't remain other desires. When has come here, I trusted each your word. Without thinking neither of danger, nor that becomes with my body, was afraid to be only insufficiently betrayed, insufficiently executive. Only about one there were my thoughts, and nothing could stop me. That's all. Just now, when I have learned that you deceived me, in me doubts and alarms have risen, I began to listen and get accustomed to yours похвальбе. Has remembered the past: has had the luck not to burn down, not to sink - and from a grief, for fear me has gone hot, has captured a shiver. Unless I can to come nearer once again to water and a flame?
Since then удальцы Fanja didn't dare to offend beggars and коновалов on roads. Having met them, bowed, having descended from a chariot. Having learned about it, Tszaj In has informed Konfutsiju. Конфуций has told:
- Unless you don't know that the person full of belief, is capable to influence things, to touch the sky and the earth, gods and souls of ancestors, to cross the Universe from the east on the West, from the north on the south, from zenith to a nadir. Not only the precipice, a whirlpool or a flame - anything won't stop him. http://pr01shp.ru/>Kai with Shang-mountain has believed in lie, and anything hasn't prevented him. The it is more, when both parties искренни. Remember this, the young man!

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About the Mac ads:.... just the stereotypical view:

- speaking of "Times Square" in Tokyo in front of Shinjuku st - but what is that, a kind of a joke?
- No, it's a name a of a department store
- But Times Square is Times Square because the old Times Tower was there. The New York Times doesn't have a building in Shinjuku does it?
- Japanese think using names like that is cool
- Well it's not cool, it's embarrassing. Japan may have lost the war, but that was a long time ago now. Why keep imitating America

.. kind of describes the Japanese mac ad in a nut shell..

(.. would be surprise if smeone wasn't able to recognize the book I quoted above text from :D )


I want to visit Depachika! (^_^)V


I found your site after reading about it on Japan Times online - your Eigo is great! Writing in English is difficult at best for native speakers, and your written English is better than that of most Americans'! Youku dekimashita ;)

This site is great for people like me who are interested in Japan and Nihon no bunka. You include so much information! Thanks for all your hard work and openess!

I visited Japan (stayed in Urawa and Akita)for two weeks in April 2005 (at the time of the big densha crash) to meet a pen-pal (who now lives in Yoshikawa) I had been writing to since we were in the 7th grade! It was the trip of a lifetime for me and I can't wait to visit Japan again! (maybe 2008)

I live in a rural area of Minnesota in the US and I was TERRIFIED of visiting such an uber-big city like Tokyo - and I stayed in the suburbs in Saitama! ;) Where I live, there are no commuter trains, buses or subways - just miles and miles of rural highway and gridlocked freeways. I was terrified at the thought of having to take commuter trains (densha to chikatetstu) to get around, but after I got there and rode around on the trains for a few days (even at rush hour packed in with all the salarymen), the thought of having to go home and drive everywhere was unbearable! Never take your amazing public transportation system over there for granted! Even the @ss grabbers on the chikatetsu are nothing, and far more tolerable than the kind of nasty behavior that happens on US public transportation, and especially on the freeways!

As far as the "depachika" at Isetan, I went to the Urawa Isetan depachika for hirugohan everyday for five days while staying in Urawa and it was just as you have described - filled all kinds of exotic foods (for me anyway) and the prices were very similar to prices at "depachika" in US department stores, like Nordstrom. In exploring all the shops in the area, I found a "depachika" in another department store in Urawa, Corsco, connected to Isetan by an underground walkway. The food there was just as fabulous - but very inexpensive! All Nihon no tabemono and all totemo oishii!

I also did some clothes shopping at both stores and loved the styles (much better than in Minnesota!) and found some great stuff on sale!

There is a great difference in fashion/clothing styles in the Tokyo area from Minnesota - H U G E difference! Japanese people are sooooo amazingly beautiful (perfect skin and hair!), both men and women, and everyone dresses so chic! The climate here in Minnesota is totemo samui (like Akita) for 9 months of the year so fashion takes a definte back seat to function - staying warm. I knew before I came to Japan that people dress very well there, and I did bring some nice clothes for dining out, but otherwise I live in cheap jeans, sweats and polar fleece, and that is what I wore nearly everyday in Japan. I felt like the biggest dork on the planet - a total hick - compared to all the beautiful people around me! Even the 80-year-old obasans were dressed more up-to-date and stylish than me! :(

But my most immediate and lasting impression of Japan was how clean the streets and sidewalks are! You could eat off 'em! I have visited many places in the US and have never, ever seen any urban landscape so well-kept, litter free and sparkling clean as Japan! Also, it was sooooo nice that everyone in Japan text messages on cell phones instead of talking loudly on them everywhere like nearly everyone does in the US (I HATE that!!! - especially when people use the phone while driving - totemo kowaii (@ - @) Also, I have never seen cell phone charms in the US - they're adorable!

If I ever get the chance to get back to Japan, I will try to take a couple of days to spend some time in and see the big city - Tokyo - and hope people don't stare at me, point and laugh... "baka gaijin!" because my hairstyle and clothes are so "Minnesotajin" ;)

p.s. Is there a website or list of Japanese emoticons so foreigners can learn them?

Dozo yoroushiku! (^ - ^)


The Apple TV ads in America show that Apple computers and the people that use them are supposed to be more fun and more creative.

The PC is supposed to be more boring so if you don't want to be boring, you should buy a Mac.

That is what they are trying to say.


Please let me complain a bit more (hope other readers and the blog owner will not get annoy after I posted a pretty long and perhaps aimlessly comment below),

Thailand has blocked Youtube website because some politic matter (Jesus!). I guess those links about Ads that Mari want to show are linked to Youtube. So I cannot see and comment about what I think toward those Ads.



69 / 71 marks the half-way point. So you park on either side of the bridge, walk half way, and jump. Most people jump from the east side because the two parking lots are on the east side. What surprised me was the number of people who jumped onto land, not into water. But I guess if you're going to jump, any place is as good as another. Oh, but what can you see from 69? On a good day, Alcatraz, Angel Island, the East Bay, Fisherman's Wharf, the Bay Bridge... pretty much everything worth seeing.


Please let me complain a bit more (hope other reader and blog owner will not get annoy after I posted a pretty long and perhaps aimlessly comment above),

Thailand has blogged youtube website because some political matter (Jesus!).
I guess those links about Ad that Mari want to show are linked to Youtube. So I cannot see and comment about what I think toward those Ad.



Japan market is one of the most important for every corporation who wish to enter. Each industry in Japan has extremely large market;
- Japan has the largest console game market in the world.
- Their automobile is ranked in the second behind USA, definitely USA has a much huger area & population)
- 7-11, Starbuck, and Macdonald each have a thousand (hundred) branches in Japan.
- 80% of Louis Vuitton revenues are from Japan market.
- Japanese eat more than 50% of Tuna catched from around the world.
- ETC.
These are some reasons, in my opinion, why Japan always has some unique products which cannot be found in other countries
- Toyota Japan has to most vary car model compare with USA Toyota, China Toyota, Thailand Toyota (the forth largest market for Toyota)
- Special louis Vuitton bags in their showroom
- I heard Starbuck is going to sell food, like pasta in Japan.
- In Japan Nike, Converse, Adidas and other shoe companies have a very very cool types of shoe (certainly those cool models are designed only for Japan Market- I am really envy about this!)
- ETC.

As a result of the Japan market size and special products, then companies advertising are also customizing made only for the market.

Advertising is usually made based on market research, customer perceptive which differs from market to market, and also each different country culture.

--Anyway, each person has a right to like or dislike an adverting.

This hypothesis, however, cannot be implied for every product in Japan Market. Like Macdonald and Coca-Cola sometimes they launch the same product around the world and use some same marketing strategy.

Macdonald used “I’m loving it” as a campaign to regain their customers backed after a huge wave of healthy eat trend flood around the world.

I am really failed in love with Depachika, it is one of the most favorite place to go when I was in Japan. There are always beautiful and delicious Cakes, special Japanese sweets, and more state-of-the-art food. Yeb but it is expensive and sometime it is incredible expensive for me. But I am still willing to go and pay for some reasonable price food at Depachika.

I had a very nice Gelato at a Gelato store in Shinjyuku Isetan Depachika a couple of years ago. Don’t know whether it is still existed after renewed or not, anyone staying in Tokyo please kindly check it out for me if you visit there.

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