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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


air yeezy

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Josh Rogin

That car show was rediculous. He went over the ramp backwards!


MMM not to bring things down to a low level but in the UK Morning Glory has more than one meaning.
One of them is a group of plants. The other type refers to err I will let the urban fill you in
Take Care Mari


Thanks for comments. Japan has clear difference in every four seasons. So we have such features.


What about the Koenji Awaodori? Although I'd think that it would symbolize the end of summer...


Mosquitoes are the "unofficial State Bird" of Minnesota! ;) You know it's summer here when they come out in vast swarms and start to bite. They can drive you crazy!!! They get so bad that you have to stay in the house until September, after the first frost. ;)

Japan always has such a lovely way to do everything, like wearing yukata, waving beautiful silk fans and using incense to repel mosquitoes in the summer. We just slather on the Deet (very powerful liquid insect repellent - stinks), sweat, slap 'em and suffer. :(

We have fish boils (Norwegian summer tradition) in northern Minnesota. We build a large fire (helps keep the mosquitoes away) on the lakeshore and put a very large kettle on it filled with fish (freshwater), corn, potatoes, dill and Leinekugel's beer. After the stew is done cooking, everybody eats it together and sits around the fire to enjoy the summer evening. Like in Norway, it stays light until almost 11:00 p.m. (because we are far north) so everybody stays out well past midnight.

At the end of summer we have a huge State Fair. Uffda! The food! Everything is deep fried and on a stick - corndogs, candy bars, Hostess Twinkies, walleye and even spaghetti and meatballs! (@[email protected]) The last one doesn't taste so good :(-


I have heard about the Sumida River Fireworks Festival. Unfortunately that is the same evening as my wedding, and we will not be able to see it.

It is interesting to see the things that make you think "summer." It has me thinking, what makes me think of summer. Maybe I'll blog about it later myself.

Advokat Stockholm

"a mix of dinosaur and Samurai" sounds quite cool. My girlfriend called me "a mix of a swedish Viking and a whale" the other day. Haven't figured out if that's a good or a bad mix?


I love these beautiful traditions! Must be so nostalgic... Fireworks and festivals and yukatas!Kawaii~

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