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Tuesday, June 19, 2007



Nausicaa I think inspires you more than Eva. Hime-sama is a figure you can follow or look up to. Ikari Gendo? Bleh. Ha ha...


Demo, Tomo chan is just a little nuts, ne? ;)


Hi there, I think Naucicca should be No1.どうかな?


Ha ha...

Heidi, do you remember who Tomo (from Azumanga Daioh) wanted to be when she grew up? Fujiko Mine (^__^)


I did not like the ending of the story to Neon Genesis Evangelion - very strange - wakanai ~ I watched it in the US on Cartoon Network. The music was really good though! ;)

I am glad Ghost in the Shell made the top 10 (to me it should be #1!) GITS is my favorite anime

I am a little surprised that Inuyasha did not make the list - I thought it was more popular (much better artwork, characters and story than Shin-chan)

I also really like Azumanga Diaoh (manga and anima)


I like the popular vote list for anime. It seems pretty good to me, though I was never able to get into "Mushi-shi" or "Legend of the Galactic Heroes." I'll probably have to give them another chance.

I don't really like "Crayon Shin-chan" either, but the English dub shown on Cartoon Network in the U.S. has some very silly, irreverent, and borderline scatalogical humor that almost makes it worth watching.

I haven't seen nearly as much manga as anime, so I'm not qualified to have an opinion on the manga list. "20th Century Boys" seems very intriguing, but I still haven't gotten through the first volume. Aside from the very colloquial language, it keeps jumping back and forth in the characters' lives, so it's a little hard for me to follow sometimes.

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