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Friday, June 01, 2007



Hi There

Thank you for the warm words, I think I am strong for spicy food, hot taste. But that Sichuan was tough....


Don't worry Mari, the TV show was a hoax.
But in a good way. [All the contestants were aware it was a hoax. It was all to raise awareness of the lack of organ donors.]
I live in the Netherlands and I was impressed with how we were all completely fooled by it.
And it seems to have worked. The national donor register here claims to have had a flood of people signing up to be donors.


haha Sichuan food..I once said to my friend, when eating Sichuan food my mouth enjoys but afterwards my asshole suffers.....sorry...but it's true for me..really


quoting someone else: Although it's sounds pretty bad, in the end someone's going to get a kidney, and for the others their odds of getting one are still the same. So in the end, only good can come of it.


Feel better! :)


Haha Sichuan food... "Spicy! Spicy!" as a waitress once told me in a restaurant in Osaka...

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