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Sunday, July 08, 2007



Lot of useful points are there. Its really keeps me updated.

Wait! what? not for me.


Ha ha ha heidi, you are funny.


Wow - uber funky toilet paper! I kinda like the neon green! Butt (gomen nasai ;)) I sure hope the manufacurer of that stuff isn't marketng it (black especially?) so users can "see" the results of using it better - nasty! :(-


Black is everywhere in Tokyo. Don't forget Coke Zero, the new "extra black" coffees, and black bean health fads!

Charcoal bath products, like black soap and shampoo, aren't as easy to find now. They were really popular about a year ago. I liked them and wish they'd come back.

Minor word check: Cutex is a brand of nail care products, like polish remover. For ear cleaning swab, I think you might mean Q-tip.

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