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Tuesday, July 03, 2007



I hope you guys enjoy the free Akiba tour.


Maybe I should try the Akiba tour. Every time I go there, I always end up in the same big stores (Gamers, Animate...). Although I haven't been since the Yodobashi centre opened, so I definitely need to check it out. I remember the one in Osaka was fun.


Thanks for the link about the Akihabara tour. Unfortunately it runs on Saturdays and we have other plans on Saturday of our stay. The did have a lot of nice information and links, as well as a map of shops.


Yum! I love burned part too! Burned skin of broiled saba is good, also burned crust of fried rice which sticks to bottom of the pan. Burned cheese on top of pizza (or gratin), burned skin of chicken teriyaki. And burned (but not black) popcorn. Not burned toast, though dark brown is OK.

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