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Monday, July 09, 2007


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I found bans in Costco! Fortunately we have one near my home. I am so lucky. By the way McDonalds sell pork humberger and they don't call it humberger, they call it sandwich. Is this same in the U.S too?


You can buy healthy hamburger buns from Alishan's mail order shop on the Internet, click on Tengu Natural Foods.


The buns are frozen, organic and made in the U.S.



Hamburger buns - try to find a bakery that sells "dollar buns" as we call 'em here in MN. They are just small, round, white bread rolls. They work great for hamburger buns! Just slice them in half like a burger bun, slather on the mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, wasabi or whatever you like best, and there ya go! Mow down Mari! ;)

I saw that baby mammoth several years ago at The Mall of America. It is extremely well preserved. It is rather sad, though, as it was just a newborn baby when it died! It had to have died very suddenly and instantly frozen solid to be preserved like that. Sugoi (@-@) As far as resurrecting mammoths, that article is from 2005 and I have heard that none of the DNA found in frozen mammoth carcasses since then has been viable - not gonna happen.

Beer gradens = beer farts ~ eeeeeewwwww! :(-

But, I do love to polka! ;)


There is a beer garden at the New Otani Hotel here in Los Angeles. Maybe I will go a see how it is.


I think maybe the Takao San beer garden is open for 3 months, not 2?


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