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Thursday, July 05, 2007



I link to Juon or such horror movie sometims, but I don't like it, I won't go to the theater to see horror movie even though someone offer million yen.

Marco Bresciani

Konnichi wa Mari-san, have you received my tiny proofreading email for this topic? :-)


I was rooting for Kobayashi and bummed out about his jaw injury. Rumors are circulating that news of the injury was released to prepare for a loss against Joey Chestnut! How's that for a conspiracy theory?

Oh, and it's "decoration," Mari.


JuOn was so scary! But I have to see the next one. I can't watch it while I'm in Japan though, I have to wait until I go back to America. ;)


The Holland Clean Seat - ok, but what if something dropped into the bowl causes a big splash and all those paper seat covers stored in the lid get soaked with #1 and #2 ;)



I just checked - the site is back up - maybe it's had too many visitors from Mari's blog and was temporarily overloaded (^_^);


I can't get to the site about the dollhouse artist. Only 'Page cannot be found' displays.


Here's a video of the hotdog eating contest:


Jo Parzych

I'm so happy they are making another JUON movie. I loved the originals, and the americanized Grudge wasn't too bad either. I still think the americanized "The Ring" was a much better job of bringing Japanese horror to American culture.


Considering that Kobayashi-san was suffering from TMJ Syndrome, as was written in an earlier post, it isn't at all surprising that he was unable to win an eating contest. I suffer from this also, and so I know how painful and disruptive it can be. I'm not doing so badly now, but a few years ago when I started to notice this condition, my jaw would sometimes lock up in the middle of eating, and I couldn't chew or even speak.

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