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Friday, July 06, 2007



I don't like face mark, I hardly use it mail and blog.


When I was in Japan (only for two weeks) in 2005, I made a point to learn good Japanese manners before my trip. I learned that making direct eye contact was impolite in Japan. I tried to avoid eye contact unless I was speaking directly with someone (asking for directions or buying something) and tried to indirectly watch others' faces -if someone was looking at my face first, then I would look at theirs ~ especially with men! I also made a point to bow frequently, speak very softly and not use hand gestures while speaking.

I did see other foreigners (mostly Aussi and German guys in their 20's) who did make very direct eye contact, laughed when people would bow, spoke very loudly (lots of cussing and swearing) and used many gestures, and it really offended me! To me, they were extremely disrespectful of Japanese culture and downright rude and obnoxious - and they didn't care one bit! (baka gaijin)

I live in a very low key culture and we also don't like direct eye contact, loud voices or lots of gestures, so Japanese manners/culture did not seem so "foreign" to me.

But the differences in emoticons is interesting ne! I wonder why in America we use :) for a happy face and in Japan (^-^) is used?


I really love Japanese かおもじ and I think they are more nice than the USA one.

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