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Monday, August 27, 2007


Impotence causes

I actually agree with you on the zip ties for ease of use. But, surprisingly, many people don't have them lying around the house, so I wanted to use something most people would already have. For the record, zip ties are available at hardware stores and home improvement centers, and are infinitely useful things to have around.


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An organization in the U.S. affiliated with PETA has been trying to get warning labels on milk, claiming that it makes Asians sick, that they can't digest lactose. This is so weird to me, since most Japanese drink milk. My wife drinks it all the time. They serve it in most school lunches (and have for decades). And Japanese eat ice cream a lot.


Heidi's comment about milk chocolate KitKats reminded me that you didn't mention chocolate as a flavor for milk. It may only be my personal preference, but I always thought of chocolate as by far the most popular addition to milk in the U.S. Does Japan not recognize chocolate milk, or is it just long out of fashion there?


Got Milk? You might like these ads Mari! ;)
(I hope they are not itai ne!)


I can't get enough milk - I love it! I drink three eight ounce glasses every day. I love any dairy ~ milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream...:)-

I do have a question about a possible candy fettish in Japan. When I was in Japan, I noticed many different kinds (flavors) of KitKat candy bars in the combini. We only have milk chocolate flavor KitKats here, at Christmas you can get white chololate ones, but that is it - only two flavors. How many flavors of KitKat are there in Japan and why so many? I wish we could get all those flavors here! I looove KitKat bars! (especially dipped in milk! ;))

Abstract Duck

I saw kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) flavored milk while I was in Japan this summer. It didn't taste much like kabocha, though! I liked the black sesame flavor more.

I love your site!



In America we started saying those things about insults(most likely, "your mom" jokes) back in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

"That was stone cold!"
"Oh snap!"

I'm glad to see other cultures have developed this meme on their own.


It's interesting that foreign companies are advertising milk in Japan. There are many debates right now about whether or not milk is actually good for you.

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