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Wednesday, August 08, 2007



Hi Heidi,
My friends Japanese husband are all very helpful and show their affection to their wives. I don't think Japanese guys are cold recently. My father's generation are exactry what you said. But my dad helps my mom a lot, so it depends on each person.


Atsui/kokoii Nihon no otoko ;)

I have had many interesting conversations with my Japanese friends (women) about American men versus Japanese men. The Japanese women always ask me about "American men" and seem to think they are more emotionally sensitive, considerate and more helpful around the house and would make better husbands (plus they all think blonde men are more attractive). They think I am crazy that as an "American woman" I think Japanese men are much more attractive than American men (especialy blondes! - maybe because I live in Minnesota and blondes are everywhere - tsumaranai!). They tell me that Japanese men are tsumetai (emotionally cold/insensitive?), too traditional, too shy and NEVER help around the house. I don't know...

Mari-san what do you think?


I am an English tutor, and Mari's English comprehension is excellent. As Richard posted, many Native English speakers could take English lessons from Mari. English has no genuine established standard and is probably one of the most confusing and difficult languages to master (to write in particular), even for native speakers, as a result. I won't be able to speak/read/write Japanese remotely as well as Mari does Eigo if I study Nihongo for 100 years!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog...;)

Japanese guys do have kokoii (really cool/sexy ;)) hairstyles! I don't think causasian hair can cut it. ;) There is something so sexy to me about that smooth, thick, shiny, jet black hair and those expressive, piercing dark brown eyes! Japanese guys dress soooo much better than ANY American guys I know. I think the time they take to look good is worth it - I really appreciate the eye candy! ;)


Please. We all get it. I think it was a typo (hot vs. hote) people. Even if it wasn't, I love to read this blog anyway. I speak only English, but I find Maris prose quite excellent. I remind you, there are many native English speakers who don't write this well. This blog is a treasure and it seems some try to find trivial faults with it.




Sorry.. in my 2nd comment I mentioned "hot and hote".

I mean to say, you spelled 'hot' wrongly as 'hote'. ^^"



Btw, just for a start..

I wonder if it's just the "cute culture/nature" of a girl like you.. but anyway, before you think wrongly of me.. let's get on the topic.

1) You spelled 'hot' (atsui) and 'hote'.
2) Boiled sounds cute coming from a Japanese. (ie. IMO. IMO=in my opinion) But if you wanted it to sound better(stylish?/creative?), you can also use "steamed" or "cooked".
3) "..for punishing the because of a copy right problem.."
-- your sentence is missing the "item".. punishing the what?
-- "copyright" is the correct spelling. ^^

ok i will stop here for now. but then again, i bet there's already others who email you the corrections.

anyway, ja mata~ o/~ (this is suppose to be an emoticon of a person waving..)


Hm, domo~ Mari-san.

I wondered if you still need help with the "correction". I could give some time to it.. but I still think that it makes your blog/diary really "authentic". ;D

..a real Japanese English Blog. xD ^^"

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