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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


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The ghost story was creepy. I just moved from a house where I was living alone for a few years (in Canada). I always felt that someone was walking around but when I turned to get a better look, there was no one there. Sometimes I heard footsteps walking up the stairs at night and stopping in front of my bedroom door.

My sister, who once also lived in this house alone, said she had the same experiences. I thought that we were imagining it, as we must have been scared to live alone in a big house. However, my now husband, when he first visited my house, said that he always saw something walking around the house too when no one else was at home. Creepy!

Anyhow, I enjoy reading your blog and I loved watching the ghost video...more ghost stories please!


whoa.. sugoii~ interesting desu ne.. ^^

We Asian here do have *almost* similar stories such as that. Well, not storied, but experience with it too. hehehe..

Anyway, I just saw on youtube about a famous idol telling stories which is almost the same as yours. About people living in their house and sensing that there is someone else in the house. ^^

Kinda common and not so surprising. :D


Eek! Summer is for ghost stories- right? I think we had a ghost also at an old farmhouse I stayed at in Pennsylvania. I've heard that certain parts of PA like Gettysburg are among the most haunted in the US. I didn't have the experiences you had but a friend and I heard clear footsteps running upstairs and someone trying to open our door when we were alone in that house at least twice. Your story gave me chills!


Yes it was strange experient. But at the moment, the guy sit down on me, I was not so scared. It was just painful memory for me.


Kowaii desu ne Mari-san! Yokatta Mari-san to gokazoku wa daijoubu deshita!

My favorite Japanese ghost story is the one Osaka tells the rest of the girlz (Azumanga Daioh) when they are all at Chiyo-chan's summer house. Osaka sets the mood with a lengthy, spooky set up describing being all alone in her parent's house very late at night. There was a full moon, in the distance a dog was barking...and then she says in her most spooky Osaka voice...

"I woke up in the middle of the night because I had to pee ~ and I smelled a fart that wasn't mine! (@-@)"

That still cracks me up! :)


The NY Times published a longer article about the Thai Police plan to use Hello Kitty armbands for punishment :-)

The article says that 10 armbands have been prepared but that none has been issued yet. In the article, a Thai police officer says that they are scared of how embarrasing it would be to walk with this armband :-)

The article explains that they started with pink armbands but that the shame was not enough :-) ... so they went all the way and found the cat LOL


My Japanese nephew saw a woman in white at the family jikka, which was unoccupied but where the family shrine was. Then a friend of the family who was "psychically attuned" went to the house and determined that the ancestors were upset that the shrine was not being kept neat and organized. My wife went to clean it up. That fixed things, they said.

Of course, I only know Chakushin Ari and Ring, so I would be scared out of my wits if I saw a woman in white.


Aih, that was a scary story! I am reading this at night in my room...oh no....maybe I can't sleep tonight if I think about it.


The idea to punish Thai cop by using the kitty-chan armband is extreamly crazy for me.

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