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Friday, August 03, 2007



Yes Martin, Wikipedia is very usuful but unstable. It can be a barometer of foreign interests for Japanese things. Some has very details and some big topic has nothing in English.


Interesting that a man of Mr. Aso's years would enjoy the Rozen Maiden manga. Knowing this, I don't feel so embarrassed that I enjoyed the anime version of this manga.

Martin J Frid

The Heart Sutra is very beautiful, I hope more people can study it deeply. I wish I could memorize it!

Thanks for the Wikipedia page link. But I think that information can be developed. Sometimes I can feel that Japanese (and Asian) topics on Wikipedia are written in English very much from a American or European perspective. With no hint of understanding of how the topic functions in reality here... For example, the Heart Sutra is usually read at funerals in Japan.

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