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Friday, August 10, 2007



I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's imprsesgin me! :)

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There are many silly urban legend, but maybe we have more than we recognized.


"Kagome Kagome" is a song about murder-
"Hana Ichimonme" is a song about slavery-

Actually... there are several English nursery rhymes thought to be in a similar vein-

"London Bridges" is at times, though to be a song about human sacrifice. (Burying someone inside the base of a bridge to appease a water spirit.)

"Ring around the Rosie" is said to be a song about the bubonic plague.

Of course, with a little research, most of these are proven to be false. There's even a nifty myth-debunking site, snopes.com


Hi there
There are many silly urban legend, but maybe we have more than we recognized. We may not realized it is just legend.



I remember seeing an aging man (not sure, maybe in his 40s, 50s) who wears the Miki Mouse type of costume going around in an shopping area of Japan.

Not sure where, but I only saw it on TV and it was at a shop area. ^^"


i had painted this on wednesday... then reading your blog was just tooo weird.



Ken Y-N

Hi Mari,

I translated that survey earlier in the week, if anyone wants to see the full English version!



Great post, Mari. I read your blog every day, even though this is the first time I leave a comment. Thanks for your insights!!

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