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Friday, August 24, 2007


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i like this part of the post:"I suppose there is some reason people chose that spot." is very good

Why can't we be friends?! Simple rules of communication and empathy and respect can go such a long way in keeping couples together and life in harmony. Fortunately, the rules can be learned, even if you came from parents who weren't very good role models.

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Hello Everyone

I need some help to sort out my marriage.

Spoken to a lot of bored friends but does anyone know of any advice available online?

Just wanna read up and not involve anyone else. Been told about ebook below - anyone read it?



This is it here http://www.alanlikes.com/recommends/marriagesaver>save your marriage


Ken Y-N: Noah fence ;) or inference to change your vernacular in any way intended! But every time I see the word "wee," it makes me laugh! :) (gomen)

I think both American and British English speakers enjoy the minor but noticeable differences in our respective vocalularies, ne?

Ken Y-N

Thanks for the link Mari! I'll add a link back to you from my article.

Heidi, I'm afraid British English is all you'll get from me! I like wee, so I'll continue to use it.


Total bummer! Atashi wa baka desu - kanji o yomimasen :( But that list helps me learn it :)

I have also visitied "What Japan Thinks" a few times. I like the topics, but to be honest, it is written in VERY British English, and many of the words are strange to me - like "wee." I know in Britian this means very small (totemo chiisai), but in America, "wee" is baby talk for "pee!" (oshikko?)

I think my brain is 70% worry about grad school/grades, 20% terror (daily commute on the freeway (@o@) and 10% asleep. :)


All the categories are kanji except "ecchi"... orz

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