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Thursday, September 13, 2007



Fv4qAD Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)


Hi there
Naruhodo. we love our mother countires. :-)


I live in the armpit of North America - both Tokyo and London are extremely advanced and sophisticated compared to where I live (especially with public transportation!) But we have many wilderness areas and a lot of wildlife you would never see otherwise...moose, deer, elk, bear, mink, beaver, coyotes, foxes, eagles, osprey and my favorite - wild wolves!

But the food here is very bland just plain distgusting compared to Europe or Japan.

I think the Swedish kids smell something in the toddler's diaper...;

I gotta get me an eternal puchu puchi!

James Hart

Yeah; London is expensive, but it's worth it! Anyway salaries are much higher there, so it's to be expected.
We eat out at a restaurants less in London, so it's more of a luxury, especially compared to Japan.
Regarding the subway (TUBE as we call it). Yes, it's more expensive than Tokyo. Tokyo is especially cheap and efficient - one of the best in the world. However, the normal single fare is 1.5 pounds - about 300 Yen. That's with the Oyster card (like PASMO / SUICA), which everyone uses.
The price of 4 pounds - probably the 880 Yen your friend was referring to - is only if you forget your card and need to buy a single ticket.

Overall, for eating out and public transport, Tokyo easily beats London. For architecture, culture, entertainment, London is where it's at!! IMHO...

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