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Thursday, September 20, 2007


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Yes, life needs gratefulness. Gratefulness is not only confined to love, but also to friendship, family bonds, mutual cherishing as well as constant missing each other!

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CBS Records will release the second volume of a specially produced soundtrack for the hit television series NCIS on Tuesday, November 3. NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack– Vol. 2 , features brand new and previously unreleased tracks from some of music’ s most popular artists– including Bob Dylan , Norah Jones , John Mellencamp , Sheryl Crow , Joss Stone , Sick Puppies , and Saosin– that are available exclusively on this soundtrack. In its seventh season, NCIS is the# 1 most- watched show on television, with...


Thanks for telling me about Takamisakari. I like to watch him but didn't know his name.


He is "Takami sakari". He is very famouse as a unique parformance.


A big favor....in the photo of the woman entering the sumo ring....can anyone tell me the name of the sumo wrestler that is looking down at her? Thanks so much.

P.S. I love your blog!


Hmmm. The only place where I saw RXR tracks and stalls was near Ploen Chit Skytrain around Sukhumvit Soi 1.

Anyone from BKK, can verify??

I gotta admit, my fave airline is Singapore Airlines. I like ANA a lot too but they only give 70% of flown miles as mileage credit unless you pay a LOT more. So I usually fly ANA on award tickets.

United Airlines generally sucks. If you get lucky with a flight with a non-USA based flight crew, the service is passable, even though the plane has no seatback screens or on demand entertainment or good food. You MAY get good service though.

If your flight is with a USA based crew, good luck! The general consensus is that "if you pay for your own ticket, UA sucks"


I like monopoly. I treid another German game but I couldn't get rule well. But It is very hard to find board game buddy. Is there anyone who living in Tokyo area and play game with me?? I am open for your suggestion and you favorite game!

Kyle Barrow

Air New Zealand business class is great and ANA is also good but both are a bit too expensive.


argh oh no.. :) i'm flying with finnair to kansai next week.. argh.. looks like i should looking forward to a boring 'add water and stir' dish, which has been sitting and dehydrating for several hours before it's heated and served..*ack* should have booked ANA or JAL instead just to get washoku :'(


The unnamed post was mine, if anyone cares. I forgot to sign into Typepad.

A board game bar sounds interesting. It's not the kind of thing that would do very well in the smaller American city where I live, but could in a big city like New York or Chicago. Or maybe not -- it might be one of those areas where there's a big cultural difference between Japan and America. I guess I'll just have to stick to playing Monopoly and Risk in friends' homes.


That news was so funny...how is it that stepping into a Sumo ring is related to Masaharu Fukuyama being possessed by the devil? It seems that she herself is possessed, hahahaha! It was even a funny picture of the woman!


Very very amazing!! The BKK train.
I really have no idea where exactly is it even I am a Bangkokean.


I enjoy playing board games too. Which ones do you like to play?

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