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Friday, September 14, 2007



Thank-you for the font link! My 日本語 is 上手じゃない, so its hard for me to find nice fonts.

And thank-you for the rest of the blog too!


here is a purse made in the shape of a frog so that the mouth of the frog is the mouth of the purse:


I think this from an anime, but I don't know which one.


Kisslock!! its interesting but make sense. Good name. Thank you very much.


I'd call it an accordian-fold or gusseted or just plain expandable coin purse. You can see versions of that wallet type at "http://www.sovaleather.com/small_goods_(2).htm" where it's called a frame compartment like Zephyr said.


That type of opening is casually just known as a traditional/classic coin purse opening, but it's more specifically called a "kisslock," because the two parts of the latch 'kiss' in order to 'lock' the opening closed.
Whole purses using a kisslock are often categorized as "frame bags" because of the frame structure/mouth.


Thanks for that link with the polar bear and Husky, that was a very nice thing to watch early in the morning. Thank you!


I don't think English has a specific name for the "Gama Guchi" type of change purse opening. I've never heard of one, and I couldn't find anything on Google either. My mother used a wallet like the one I think you were describing, the main part unfolded and had pockets for credit cards, drivers license, etc., a large compartment for paper currency, and a change compartment on the back, with the Gama Guchi closure, that could be opened while the rest of the wallet was folded.

English does have the largest vocabulary in the world and has a word for just about everything, but I think that one got overlooked.

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