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Friday, September 28, 2007


supra shoes

Your blog is very nice & informative. I always appreciate your work. Thanks to the sharing.I am so glad to hear that you are settling in and enjoying your new surroundings. I love Arizona!

Darren Daz Cox

Sometimes entertainment with 'depressing' themes can be therapudic, at least with music in my case, when I am sad I can listen to The Smiths and even though the lyrics are often hopeless I end up cheery!


How depressing! In this country, we also have debates over the effect violent computer and video games have on kids. Persoanlly, I hate video games and computer games - I never play them - I think most of them are too violent and just plain pointless and a waste of time and money. I don't think children should be exposed to such graphic violence and I think adults should avoid them too. I think they have a very influential and negative effect on the mind...

But regardless, I think if parents don't spend enough time with their kids and discipline them, teaching them right from wrong and setting a good example, no matter where in the world you come from, the children will suffer and so will the parents.


School Days is indeed about a love triangle (in English we say it the same way, although perhaps not "sludgy"... maybe "syrupy"), although it's not really love - more like infatuation, obsession... and of course a Bad Ending.

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