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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


cheap ugg boots

Bien que vos articles. Certains cacographie


I made mistakes again, sorry. Sean, thank you for interesting information.


I love Dr. Whippy :D


"every three house I have to shut down": what do you mean?

It's just a typo - "every three hours..."

James Hart

Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden! Ha ha; that's a funny one...
"every three house I have to shut down": what do you mean?

For PM, I say bring back Koizumi! Just tell him to be nice to other countries and be less stubborn. I miss his hair(!)


hello! i really enjoy reading your blog. it's always very interesting.

your comment on the word golf's etymology grabbed my attention. i couldn't believe it. so i checked dictionary.com and found this:

golf (etymology)
1457, Scot. gouf, usually taken as an alteration of M.Du. colf, colve "stick, club, bat," from P.Gmc. *kulth- (cf. O.N. kolfr "clapper of a bell," Ger. Kolben "mace, club"). The game is from 14c., the word is first mentioned (along with fut-bol) in a 1457 Scot. statute on forbidden games.

i this the acronym is just an interesting and sexist coincidence.


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