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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Dale Mr.Lupin

I was doing a google search and my photo lead me to your blog , yes the Green/Blue jacket Lupin sansei is me about 1997 and taken at Anime Expo in California . Here's a Youtube of the Naruhodo the World gameshow appearance segment me and my old partners did.


ガブちゃん gabuchan

I was on the the yamanote train line that night. It was fun, but we tried not to be bothersome to others.


Yamanote Halloween Train Jack - Mari-san wasn't critisizing foreigners, she was just reporting what she found on the internet, ne?

The train-jackers in those photos she linked to looked 20-ish and all-white to me - and yes Mari-san, Halloween can be very rowdy! Many young adults DO celebrate Halloween by performing obnoxious stunts like that - no matter where in the world they happen to be on Halloween - that is part of the tradition of Halloween. And because Halloween is a very "Western" holiday, of course mostly Gaijin are behind this stunt. If it happened in my proverbial backyard I would be offended too!

Tabun rainen Mari-san wa Yamanote line Halloween no otaku no Train Jack oshimasenka ;)


Well, Halloween is just getting started here tonight - a little too cold (0 Celcius) for the kinds of activities that happened on the Yamanote line last night in Tokyo (@-@) Gomen ~ I agree with Mari-san ~ I don't wanna see naked otaku! Honto kowaii to itai ne!

I'm going to help my parents hand out candy to trick-O-treaters - a nice, wholesome, otaku-free, midwestern Halloween! :)



Of course some of the people misbehave, but criticizing everyone because of a bunch of people doesn't sound good to me.

Well, Halloween is over, let's forget this discussion (at least for one more year).vSee you...


Thanks for your post. I confess I was curious to know your opinion on the issue. Now if you allow me I'd like to state mine, ok?

You know, somehow I feel there's an overreaction to this event, feels that people used it as an excuse to criticize the foreigners in general. The trains in Yamanote are long, the party is restricted to a small part of it...

I don't know, this year the Japanese blogosphere really decided to speak out. But one important thing: there's a lot of Japanese in the Yamanote Halloween too, it's unfair to restrict criticisms to foreigners, don't you think?


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