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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


But there's no reason you couldn't measure wasabi in Scovilles: it's simply a measure of how many times it must be diluted before it can no longer be tasted.

The decibel is for measuring sound, but we still use it, for example, in describing the attenuation of the electrical signal in a satellite cable.

Chris Kuan

Oh, by the way Heidi...

The "hotness" of wasabi is not measured on the Scoville scale. It does not contain capsaicin, which is the "hot" component of chillies, and that is what the Scoville scale measures.


this is pretty cool. I ate some of this when I visited!!



I love this food!! Hollywood in Japan!

Chris Kuan

Yes, Juan. That is the joke. "All look Same", as one might put it :-)


I hope this doesn't come out the wrong away, and I know that some Asians tend to look alike to us Westerners, but aren't the people in that photo the same person? It looks like someone took an original, and simply cloned it, changing the hairstyle a bit.

They all have the same distance between their eye pupils, same nose, same lips, and even the same fuzzy light mustache (including the "girls").


I love this habanero snack. A friend brought it from japan almost 2 years ago and I've been addicted since!

Heidi McCalla

Where does wasabi rank in Scoville units?

I can't eat ANY spicy food - I'll stick to my snickerdoodles thank you! ;)


Wow! I can't even get past "medium spicy" at my local Thai restaurant.

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