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Tuesday, October 16, 2007



Amusement parks ususally have some sort of event (often all month long) for Halloween. In Florida, Busch Gardens, Disney, and Universal Studios have scary-themed evenings.

Heidi McCalla

Hi Mari! Do people in Japan go to haunted houses for Halloween? This a becomming very popular in the US. Trick-or-treating is becomming less popular because parents are worried about the safety of their children. Soshite many communities have big halloween parties instead.

For adults, there are many "haunted houses" to visit. These are too scary for small children but a lot of "scary" fun for adults! Some people like to try to find real haunted houses/places to go on Halloween (not me!!!)

Link to real haunted houses in the US (Minnesota in particular, mochiron! ;):


Link to fun haunted houses/Halloween events in the US:



The Nifty Portal Z article didn't mention how much pumpkins cost in Japan. I haven't been able to find a price for one yet, but I'm guessing that they are relatively expensive.

I wonder if many Japanese people actually have Jack O' Lanterns for Halloween. I don't know, but it doesn't seem in the Japanese character to carve up a pricey vegetable just so that it will sit around and rot.

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