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Tuesday, October 30, 2007



Who is miku hat.. Nice :)



Yet another doubter ?
Welcome to the club.
Neither could I really believe that.



Elliot McPherson

I think she cute

rika furude

Yes miku is very cute I wish they would make freedom gundam that did this kind of thing.


yes, Daniel I will write about it today. Jeff, I don't know that song. I don't listen J-POP.


Hey, a question not related to your post: do you know that last saturday there was the Yamanote Halloween Party? What do you think about it?

I checked you blog and once you talked about the Halloween people do in the Loop line in Osaka, this is the Tokyo version.

See ya.

Heidi McCalla

I heard that the mobile forklift-suit thingy that Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) used to fight the alien at the end of the movie Aliens (1986) really does exist and is in use. Would that thing be considered a form of "Gundam?"


The idea of a real gundam is very exciting. But after reading the article, I tend to agree with the first thought, that the symposium is really just going to talk about powered armor.

Still, I believe that the Japanese will eventually build something like a gundam.


Cool personality test, Mari. Mine was U.SA. "Strict and just, brotherly type". hmm.


Hey Mari,

I doubt the PC-6001mkII or any computer of that era could run any version of the vocaloid software. I think for that video they were just using old film/video footage. But I could be wrong...

BTW, do you know who does the music for that?

Anyway, I've heard some really impressive uses of the vocaloid soft. I think it would be good for me because I can't sing at all!


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