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Tuesday, November 27, 2007



We are selling these cookies in the US. Please visit our website for more information.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha still laughing


NHK news (in English) has reported on several food scandals in Japan. NHK is
broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area
on KTSF.


Gee, American's talk too loud?? Especially on cell phones??? Who'd a thunk it? Although Americans might have some "funny" observations/commentary regarding the British ya know...

WcDnlds (as spelled in Inuyasha manga - down to the last few chapters???) is ALWAYS nasty! Rent the movie "Supersize Me" and you will see that it doesn't matter how "fresh" or not anything is at any Mac'n'Dons - it'l all make you puke :(-


That is really funny about the Subway announcer. Too bad she lost her job over it :-(

... and Mari, yes, you are laughing too much (just kidding) :-p

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