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Monday, November 12, 2007


Nike Dunks

I am very interested in your blog! Involuntary people liked it! Very beautiful people in the enjoyment! I am lucky to see it! I do feel honored


While I can't say if Frank was just joking or not (the part about cutting up vegetables on top of a sleeping cat made me chuckle), he was pretty close to what I've read on the subject describing the flavor as.. cooked cat even has a euphemism showing this: Roof-hare or roof-rabbit. In german it was called Dachhase. It's something not eaten much if at all anymore, at least in Europe, but was said to have become popular by way of necessity during WWII, IIRC. Its said when properly prepared one wouldn't know the difference. Now I'm not suggesting I agree with the eating of felines (not much into the idea of eating predators in general, myself) but it happens. I have 3 cats and a dog myself and find the thought of eating them repugnant but then I also have a rabbit and had a guinea pig as pets and I have eaten representatives of both of the latter species (not my pets, mind you) and they were quite delicious. :D

To be fair, I'm close friends with a family of devout Hindus who find the idea of eating beef equally repulsive so I have to always remember I'm not fixing anything cow related for dinner (dairy products are fine, however). So we should be careful before tossing our own cultural taboos and perceptions onto others.

As for the subject of Neko nabe: That's kind of cute. 2 of mine have this strange fascination with sleeping in the wok and skillet. I automatically thought of them when I saw that. Haha. I think Bshock maybe right as to why they like sleeping in them.



Frank: Exactly how would you know:

"cat's meat is pretty good and tastes pretty much like rabbit"

- That's horrible!


On flickr there two great groups for gunkan. The scond one is only for Gunkan Island. I hope I can go there one day ...



to be honest watching the cats sleeping in the pots made me kind of hungry. Cat's meat is pretty good and tastes pretty much like rabbit. Someone should shoot the same video with a neko sleeping in the pot and then 2 hands appear with a knive peeling potatos and carrots and spreading them around the cat, hey it is just and idea ok :)


I was a little alarmed at the title "Neko Nabe," but I can see how cats would enjoy sleeping in cooking pots. I have known many cats who enjoy sleeping in the bathroom sink. I imagine the smooth round shape is a good match for the natural curve of their bodies.

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